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quangongzi Oct 12

SPF of Canada of fall after a rise of perch of price of North America material is developed by Russia material low The near future, price of best carbonized deck paint North America material is in condition of fall after a rise, the supplier states the near future comes from abroad ask dish the volume rises somewhat.

Be in Japan and China, wait-and-see the use capacity that long already importer needs filling goods to deal with downstream factory in order to anti fungal composite door sizes maintain certain inventory level to promote gradually. SPF: Because import market demand, the exit of Canadian SPF plank to China, Japan gradually the right path on the pace.

Be pounded by the low of Russia material,Single Wooden Plastic Plank partial SPF product has nominal bargain space on the price. Hua Qisong: Hua Qisong is abroad purchase demand to be in steady state. Market of India, Pakistan has rebounding sign, middle east market also is anabiosising in. The supply that the problem that the Paint For Composite Wood supplier faces now is log is nervous, bring about sawn timber crop finite.